Sunday, 31 January 2016

Insurgents with Force on Force

For this weeks game and while still painting my 10 mm ACW , i decided to have a go with force on force , Firstly i setup some threat points as i did not want to know where the enemy was , effectively there were white , yellow and red threat areas , i rolled a number of d6 needing a 5+ for there to be something that would attack the regular forces , if there was a Double 5 rolled then that would indicate an IED , a double 6 a sniper , the dice did come up with an IED in the first building that was entered , and a sniper in the tower.

The casualties were 4 Regulars KIA/Wounded and 20 Insurgents KIA/Wounded which on the whole was quite an expensive victory for the Regulars

Then randomly chose which threat point the insurgents would fire from , if this was a red spot there would be 1d6+1 , Yellow 1d4+1 , White 1d2+1 insurgents

Here Are the pictures

Turn One
Turn Two
Turn Three
Turn Four
Turn Five
Turn Six
Turn Seven
Turn Eight
Turn Nine

i have played Force on Force before but that was with a human opponent  , playing this solo needed some extra thought on how the run the other side which i think did work quite well as at some points during the game a charge across open ground by the regulars resulted in that squad almost being wiped out , but a lucky morale save meant that the managed to make it to cover

the Sniper in the tower did account for one of the regular casualties before the sniper had every bit of fire directed at it for a complete turn