Sunday, 3 January 2016

Field of Glory : Renaissance First Outing

I have had these rules for a while so for the game this weekend i thought i would give them a go  , well i was pleasantly surprised as to how well they work solo so here is the bat rep , i used the two starter armies , the Swiss vs Holy Roman Empire and use my warmaster 10mm figures which i thought may give some problems as the basing is different but i found that there was relatively few formation changes and i just make the stands lost with little blue dice and the hits caused with little yellow dice.

Anyway here are the pictures

Initial setup
Turn one the advance of the Swiss
Turn Two
Turn Three
The Swiss come off slightly worse in the skirmishing fire
Turn Four
The Swiss Charge the light Imperials
Turn Five
The Swiss continue to advance
Turn Six
Turn Seven
It is not going in favour of the Swiss
Turn Eight
The Swiss rot has started
Turn Nine
This is where i called the game to a close
It would only be a matter of time before the other Swiss pike blocks would disperse.


Well did i enjoy the rules , well it did take me 6 hours to fight this battle but then again i have never played these rules before , on the whole it was ok but i did think the rules a little bland but then again playing with these armies was i expecting anything else , the Swiss did lose due to some poor die rolls  , namely rerolling dice and getting the same scores of 1's.

I have the Ancient set so may give that a go to see if it feel's any different