Sunday, 20 November 2016

Conan's Ultimate Sacrifice

The forth Conan game , this one was hard for our heroes as the risk of being mobbed by the picts and tentacles was great.
 Shevatas tells a story of a hero great and true , stupid maybe

The Heroes advance on the village

lightning bolts blasting away

But more enemies approch

Conan knows no fear

Shevatas clutches the young damesal from the tenticles that are wrapping around her body
But it is too late for Conan

Conan pays the Ultimate sacrifice and his body is torn to shreds

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Conan to the rescue..... Not !

Played the pict rescue the princess scenario , this was a hard fight for Conan and his companions and the AI for the overlord was particularly brutal , so here you go and have a look at what happened

It all went pear shaped from here on in

Conan rushes in and kills a pict warrior and then into the hut to confront Zogar Sag but fluffs his dice and stands there thinking is my axe broken , while the overlord gathers the picts to retaliate

Conan's friends join him in despatching Zogar which did take 2 turns and search for treasure so the picts assemble in greater numbers and no princess. I randomly picked a numbered token for each hut entered and if numbered token turned up an "8" then she was found.

Using an explosive orb dispatching a group of hyena's and with some lucky die rolls a lot of the picts are dispatched

Conan and friends are now suffering and wounds are mounting , this is looking bad

Hadrathus decides to teleport away from the snake into a nearby building , he finds an orb but has no gems left to use it , the overlord throws a group of picts into the building and Hadrathus meets an untimely end , meanwhile Conan defeats the snake and the rest of the picts only to see more coming

With no gems left Conan and Shevatas share the wounds caused by the picts

and beat a hasty retreat leaving the princess to her fate

What i realised from playing this scenario is that although Conan is very powerful he can run out of gems realy fast and that give the overlord a chance to damage the heros in the following turn by just mobbing them , the squishy wizard though powerful needs to be protected

Anyway off to paint some more figures for the next game

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Conan to the rescue.... Maybe

The setup for tomorrow's game , Conan and friends have been invited to rescue the princess

Shevatas "Do you think this is a good idea Conan ?"
Valeria" Do you want to live forever ?"
Conan "Got to do what is right!"

Let Battle Commence

Conan scouts while the others hunt for treasure , the princess is chained to the pillars

The skeleton hoards arrive

and so does a rather large snake

Which proved a little difficult to dispatch

but Conan prevailed , he put the maximum number of dice and together with some accurate shooting from the others dropped the snake's 8 points

with the princess saved and everyone a little wounded an escape was effected but most of the treasure found was used in defeating the snake.

never mind the princesses father is sure to be generous