Thursday, 4 August 2016

Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed

Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed

well i picked up a copy of this game this morning at my local game store , dug out my MoM 1st Ed stuff and proceeded to read and play through the first scenario

the game lasted 4 hours but i was reading the rules and playing at the same time so i guess it would be quicker when i understand everything

 Well i took down or should i say into the mansion a Miss Kate Winthrop and Miss Jenny Barnes who i thought would well capable of dealing with a few spiders and cobwebs.

Well the action kicked of strait away with some horrible ( name withheld , no spoilers here ) and proceeded to shake the pair of girls until they managed to deal with this horror.

Then  more unspeakable horrors coming in from the garden , crushing all those friendly garden gnomes who's only crime was try poaching some fish from the pond.

Well the pair of heroes explored the house finding clues and dealing with the odd lonesome monster , Kate even managed to start a fire by dropping some lite candles on the bed but this was quickly dealt with.

well the pair managed to win the scenario but not before they were severally hurt

Kate was suffering from a bad wound and 1/3 from death and pyromania
Jenny only just managed to get to the wining spot  but she was suffering from Forbidden words , Lasting injury , Frayed nerves and Kleptomania.

Well here the the Ending picture , i think that the game as a whole when played solo did a good job to keep up the tension and forced me to husband the resources  , use barricades to stop the monsters and also instilled a time limit so on the whole a nice purchase

Last Turn of the game

After some thoughts , I decided to rebase my painted mini's , I made up and printed out some wooden floorboards which i think would look nice with some gloss varnish when they have dried

Finished the rest of the figures , this is a full collection for my mansions of madness set

And to be honest i think it does look a lot better and makes the game more immersive