Saturday, 9 January 2016

Battle of Tarvis (1797)

A little known french revolutionary battle in 1797 for which i wrote a set of grand tactical rules based on the RPG set called "fate accelerated" the game was fast and over in about 90 minutes

the link to the battle is here

and here are the rules together with the orders of battle for this game

i was going to use Field of Glory : Napoleonic but after the painting and basing of the Austrians this morning , (yes they were on the table before the varnish had dried , how many of you can say that !) i felt the table may have been a little small and would need to change the game scale a little.

I have had the idea for these rules for a while and this game gave me the opportunity to flesh them out into a little working project

so now the pictures of the game

The Austrians at the top , all 285 figures ( who says you can't have a large battle on a small table ) are at the top with 375 french at the bottom which by the way was done at a 1:30 figure scale.
Turn 1
Turn 2
The French outflank while the Austrians counter with some aggressive cavalry
A view from the French side
Turn 3
The Austrian Cavalry is beaten back while the rest of the Austrians form up
Turn 4
The French destroy the Austrian Cavalry and advance onto the left Austrian flank , The Austrians drizzle some ineffective artillery fire into the french lines
Turn 5
You may notice that the Austrian grenadiers who were on the austrian left flank have disappeared , well they decided to charge the French right division and due to the grenadiers modifiers being one better than the french the went for it , however it was down to the dice and the grenadiers rolled poorly and got wasted.
Turn 6
The Austrian artillery did manage to do a little damage to the french but not enough as the loss of their 3rd brigade was too much and the army morale collapsed
Final view

It was interesting to use a set of RPG rules to fight a war-game and i thing it turned out well , one thing i think it showed is that if you have divisions in your army it does give you a more flexible use of your army , the rules them selves are simple so if you know how good your army is you should not need to refure to them too much.