Friday, 2 September 2016

Battle of Mikata-ga-Hara (Dec 1572)

Battle of Mikata-ga-Hara (Dec 1572)
I have managed to finish another project started awhile ago project namely my 6mm baccus samurai , all 800 figures of which most appear in this refight.

I played this solo using the field of glory renaissance set of rules , the scenario was taken from the "Killer Katana's II" which was an interesting game , the larger force had to relieve its smaller allied force within eight turns as night would have fallen.

i have based all the forces on 40 x 20 for infantry and 40 x 30 for cavalry , effectively i use half scale as this board is only 600mm by 1200mm (4ft by 2 ft) and use an appropriately scaled measuring stick which makes life simple

Map of Battle

Table Setup

View form both commands perspective

 and the full table

The Battle Begins

The Tokugawa could not move until the Takeda force was within double maximum range

Both forces advance on their enemy

Both forces trade a few long range shots , casualties were very light

Tokugawa launches a charge with mounted and dismounted samurai against the front rank of enemy ashigaru arqubus

But they break and force some disorder in the rear ranks

The Takeda relief force marches ever closer as their forward units start to break

"We just need to hold for one more turn"

But it is too late as the forward Takeda force suffers a break in the army on turn 5 , this allows the Tokugawa force to pull back and put some distance between it and the main Takeda relief army and allow night to fall

A nice game which could have gone either way but due to the exceptional dice rolled for the Tokugawa at the beginning of the battle the Takeda never really recoverd from that first strike

I have even made myself a dice tower but this did not help the rolls but it did stop the dice from falling onto the floor