Sunday, 17 January 2016

South America with "Iron Duke"

This was a first playlets with some new 6mm bacchus forces using a set of computer rules called "Iron Duke" from , I ran the software on my mac using wine which worked flawlessly ,  i found the armies easy to setup and the orders of battle easy as well , i got a little confused with regards to scale and inputing distances  but after a few tries i managed to work it out to make the battle feel right

So to the report , the scenario was taken from the liberators! supplement 1 book

Overhead view and View from the Patriot central position
Turn 1 , the Patriots advance on the right and a brief cavalry charge on the left
Turn 2 , both cavalry units retire to rest and the Patriot infantry advances
Turn 3 , the Royalist army fails to respond , their commander having an off day , the Patriot cavalry on the right charges a unit of light infantry in the woods
Turn 4 , the Patriots take the hill on the left but pull back on the right due to some intensive fire from the Royalist Infantry though the Royalist cavalry thinks better of it an decides to retire
Turn 5, The Patriots push forward
Turn 6 , Whoops a order to charge on the Patriot right results in some confusion in the ranks but the Patriot left continues the advance and with the centre Patriot cavalry bursting through the woods and catching the royalist guns and the remaining Royalist units in the rear
Turn 7, End of game , with the Royalist army now in full rout and the Patriots managing to rally their forces , A win result for the Patriots

the game took a little over 2 hours to fight and i can say that i found the system easy to use and i could not blame the dice this time.
What i did like about the system is that when units were selected on the program it brought up a list of the units names which i prefer as i feel it allows the forces involved to have a little character.

I did try this battle first with carnage and glory 2 however i did find that that system was a little more difficult to use as i had to refer to a unit by number which i felt slowed the game down a little , also i found the range of options a little less than the "Iron duke" set