Sunday, 7 February 2016

d'Artagnan gets his oats

Well it took me a week of painting , notably some Redoubt Miniatures musketeers , these i have had in my lead pile for a few years and together with a terraclips building set I went about creating a three musketeers scenario. The benches were made by printing out some wooden planks and glueing them to cardboard by the way

This I thought wold be slightly different as i gave each protagonist a goal of their own and just let the story unfold. here are the goodies and baddies

The Cardinal and his gang

The Queen and her entourage 

i used about 2/3 res of the terra clips set to lay out a nice building , though this did take a while as i kept designing the building as i went which was faille as it took me over 2 hours to come up with something i liked , should have planed it first

the rules used were an old set called all for one , effectively each model has 4 stats which are initiative,Dexterity , Strength , and up to 3 weapon skills , each of these range from 1-6 and together with a roll of a 1d6 + a relevant stat + the odd modifier determines the result.

A figure may move or do an action which may meen a die roll and if it fails something else may happen , bit like an old school D&D game

I now realised at the end of turn one that i had put too much on the table  and each figures actions together with its opponents reactions , well lets just say the turn took about an hour , so note to self don't put too many figures on the table

anyway here are a selection of pictures from the game


Turn 1

Turn 2

Turn 4

Turn 5


I thought about getting the osprey en guarde rules but found the other set so went with that

so next time i play this it will be with a lot less figures but generally it was interesting to see this system in operation and I might do something similar with my Sinbad and the Arabian nights set that I have ( by the way my 10mm acw needs to get back on the painting table )