Thursday, 23 March 2017

A nice little foray into Quatre Bras

Had a nice relaxing doay with no-one around to disturb me so i thought i would have a go at some napoleonic's , i have had "Field of Glory" for a little while , so picked a battle and got some troops on the table which was 2 foot square.

i played the game in half scale and denoted the large units having 2 flags and kept all units as 2 stands for infantry and a single stand for cavalry and artillery

Here is the setup for the start of the game , the french are coming in from the bottom of the picture

Battle Time about 2pm ( Turn 3)

Battle Time about 3pm ( Turn 6)

Battle Time about 4pm ( Turn 9)

Battle Time about 5pm ( Turn 12)

Battle Time about 6pm ( Turn 15) 
and where the french were finally worn out

Final dispositions at Turn 16

So what went wrong , well i as the french ( and British ) decided to take the cautious route as Ney did and just wore the french out , and with the British arriving in strength just ran out of steam

As to the rules well i like them and found that the game played out in real time though i did start at 9am and the final roll of the dice was at 3pm so will have to give them another go some time

Sunday, 19 March 2017

A little place called home

This was a little diversion , i put together a small European early 17th century force from some odds and ends together with a few packs of Zulu's and decided to do some renaissance colonial games , i had intended to use another set of rules from osprey but in the end fell back on my usual field of glory set after i red a couple of reviews.

this was an entertaining setup with the European advancing on a small village looking for plunder only to be met by the local tribal head who was insistent that those heathens find some where else to pillage

and so battle ensued

As you can see those Imperialists came armed to the teeth and the poor tribal lads just had the loin cloth they stood up in.... however from about turn 2 it was not going well , the Zulu's advanced and using their local knowledge got the drop on the imperial general and his bodyguard and sent him packing , just after the artillery made a shot and sent one of the tribal units packing

In the end the tribals had a little bloody nose but had sent the imperials off back to the ship with their tails between their legs

I suppose i had better get some Aztec's to do the other side of the Atlantic now

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Latest project 1:600 WW2

I have just started a little new solo project for a linked set of scenarios for the 1944 breakout in normandy and plan to refight a few of the battles from that time

here is the german army in 1/600 , there are about 75 (30mm x 30mm) bases representing a company and its associated equipment.
The next part of the project is some terrain , here you see some woods made form green pan scrubbers with some spray paint from an airbrush i wanted the trees to have a wintery look so gave them a little white spray , the other side has more of a light brown look to give a more summer look.

I used pins pushed through to allow the armoured unit to hide in the trees , to the is side part of a village using some monopoly buildings again sprayed and washed with a brown ink wash
and the cloth is teddybear fur.
Now For a little battle report , 1944 Germans vs Russians

4 mixed German battalions with tank and artillery support defend against a mech infantry regiment , tank regiment with supporting tank riders and an armoured car regiment
The germans are good but not excellent so this was a tough one for both sides
Setup , Russians enter form the bottom of the picture , the battle took a little over 2 hours to fight
Turn 1 , the Russians advanced and took a few hits from long range fire
Turn 2 , a few more hits for the Russians , the germans move to counter the Russians advance
Turn 3 , More Russian Advances
Turn 4 , the Russians loose a unit of tanks and the Germans on the right engage the armoured car and infantry battalion 
Turn 5 , it is not going the germans way as the losses start to mount and the numbers of russians start to show
Turn 6 Disaster for the Germans as the Russians with an overwhelming dice roll push the germans out of the town
Turn 7 the Russians consolidate their position and push forward
Turn 8 , a bit of a counter attack from the Germans but with little momentum
Turn 9 , The Russians are thrown back but are helped with their reserves , the Germans start to crumble
Turn 10 with German morale almost collapsed and 2 destroyed battalions , this was a Russian victory
Aftermath , so what did i learn , well the german combined arms mix worked well but it was the lack of a good mobile hard hitting reserve , effectively the Russians could soak up a lot of casualties and still come back for more

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Infinite Confrontation

For my next game of my infinity conversion i have chosen to do the fantasy setting of Aarklash , this is an Encounter between the Griffins and the Dirz.... Stay tuned

The Griffins  

The Dirz

Link to the spreadsheet

The Battle

Well thats it until next time
If you are interested in confrontation the fans have started work on a new revision

Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Infinite Decker

My Infinity Decker has just jacked in to the infinity network and is faced with the following hostile programs

Stay logged to find out what happens next

The Table Setup

The blue nodes need to be destroyed , the white nodes captured

Well that was a short game

here are the forces

Turn 1
Turn 2

Well that was the quickest game i have played solo... 10 minutes!! and lost , the dice left me last year  i hope it was not because i painted some blank dice to represent guardian programs, I hope 2017 is not going to be like this.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

An Infinite Shadow

Hope Everyone had i great Christmas , today I assembled my Red Veil Cardboard Terrain and added a few extra bits to make it look a little better and more like a city block in hong kong as you can see from the picture
 I have always liked the setting but the rules well meh! but after looking at the Infinity website , downloaded the rules , I found there were some striking similarities so i started to work out a conversion guide , there wasn't too much , just had to work in some magic and a few other items like weapons , metahumans and other shadowie stuff , I also wanted to play solo so had a troll ( excuse the pun) across the net and found a few bits of info so i have included those in my conversion.

Conversion Ideas

Infinite shadows
This is my adaptation of Infinity to shadowrun
I felt that the core 5E shadowrun rules did not do a very good job of creating a miniatures game , mainly because i found those rules hard to read and awkward so i took a look at the quick start and base rules for infinity.
Here are my adaptations to be Infinity rules
Human as per rules
Dwarf +1 to willpower rolls
Ork +1  to physical rolls
Elf +1 to dodge rolls
Troll +1 armour rolls
depending on the spell armour may not have an effect
Hacking as per rules and supplemented by the shadowrun 5E rules
Summoning , treat as an airdrop and supplemented by the shadowrun 5E rules
drones , these are covered in the infinity rules and supplemented by the shadowrun 5E rules
cybernetic enhancements , generally these would add a mod to the roll
shooting :- a reacting figure will shoot or fight back if the mod is greater than a -4 (-3 to any +) otherwise the figure will dodge
a reacting camouflage marked figure will shoot only if it has a +1 or better fire mod otherwise it will not react.

Holograms :- when a figure that has a hologram is hit it rolls a dice to randomise the hit with the number of holograms present so a figure with 2 holograms will roll a d6 , on a 1-2 the primary figure is hit on a 3-6 a hologram is hit

For figures I have a few of the Wargames Foundry Street Violence RangeOk Now for the Scenario , Mr Johnson (we know who you are....not!) has given the gang the job of getting a datachip from a megacorp office , this mega corp has some private security who have enlisted a couple of thugs to do their dirty work while they watch the latest movie. The megacorp also has three lone star officers on their payroll

Here are the stats for all the forces
The Runners have a Mage , Street Samurai and Covert Ops runners , while the megacorp has two thugs , two private cops and three lone stars , the thugs are wandering around , the cops are in a small pod on the edge of the map and the lone stars will be dropped in via an airlift

The runners win if they can get the datachip , a draw if any cops are killed and lose if any lone stars are killed
So will play this scenario tomorrow and update the page with the outcome

For those who are interested , here is the AAR , not a complete success as there were a lot of fatalities ( I used keynote to create this report )

On the whole a good fun game , the next time I play something like this i will adjust the ranges as I think the default infinity ranges are too long also the weapon damage is too great to reflect the shadowrun setting so i have a few tweaks to make to the conversion , magic worked well as i had to interpret the effect of the spells from the book and used the standard template for the area effects.

I found this a very easy game to play solo

For those interested i have created a calculating figure sheet
you can download it here

This was an expensive run for the chumers leaving the Mage and the Street Samurai Dead , but Mr Johnson got his chip

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Conan's Ultimate Sacrifice

The forth Conan game , this one was hard for our heroes as the risk of being mobbed by the picts and tentacles was great.
 Shevatas tells a story of a hero great and true , stupid maybe

The Heroes advance on the village

lightning bolts blasting away

But more enemies approch

Conan knows no fear

Shevatas clutches the young damesal from the tenticles that are wrapping around her body
But it is too late for Conan

Conan pays the Ultimate sacrifice and his body is torn to shreds