Saturday, 23 April 2016

Solo Rpg

more solo stuff
well this has been an interesting month , apart from being a little unwell my solo gaming got a little side tracked to the extent that i bought an airbrush and proceeded  to paint some of my reaper bones dragons , i would post a picture but i am still learning. Well on to the main story , i picked up a pdf of the gamemasters apprentice cards

i have been reading about other methods of solo roleplay as i was thinking of a way of trying to enhance my solo wargames in a more story telling style , and trying to improve the enemy AI.
Well sitting there looking at the cards , watching an old episode of startrek the lightbulb in my head suddenly lit up and this is what i thought of.

I found some free mind mapping software on the web for my ipad

and used that to tell the story , this is how it turned out

the game took about 3 hours and i found i was fully engrossed , i used the cards to create the scene , roll the dice and literally be my GM
 after that episode i played two more games , a horror investigation and a conan type fantasy both of which were very immersive and with cliff hanger endings

Horror investigation

Fantasy Setting

So all i can say is that give it a go i think you would be surprised on what you come up with