Sunday, 24 January 2016

2nd Battle of Gaza

This weeks game was another use of a computer set of rules , this time it was Desert Column , by computer strategies  , this was a cut down and part of a battle with all the preliminary bombardment done before the attack.

I was going to do some American Civil War but the figures are still on the painting table.

If anyone would like to request a game for me to play and see how that solo's i would be interested to hear any suggestions.

I increased the ground scale to 1" = 100 yds , the turks were onto of a long hill with some minor defences while the British had some soft cover to advance through which i did not depict on the table . there were areas of broken ground which hindered "His Majesties Land Ship Coy" in its advance to the turkish lines.

anyway to the photos

Turn one
The advance  , an assault detachment of infantry , cavalry and a tank move up the right flank.
Turn two
The advance continues.
Turn three
the start of the attack on the right flank.
Turn four
The british form skirmish order and keep the heads of the turks down while the main assault on the right flank goes in.
End of Turn Five
the assault pulverised the turks who surrendered and the other turkish units on the hill dutifully pulled back , the British unit on the left was stopped from attacking due to some rather good artillery fire from the turks.

At this point I considered the battle over with the British losing 5-6% casualties and the turks loosing 22-24% casualties.

the British had about 5000 veteran men while the turks 2500 average men but did have more cover and up hill.

this was a rather quick game as i am getting used to the system , on the whole it took just over an hour to fight.
what i do like is the lack of war-game clutter , no markers , chits etc , all the forces were 10mm Pendraken