Sunday, 20 December 2015

Red Robin Rescue

Red Robin Rescue , well it is christmas so i thought i would have a go at a "Black Hawk Down" type game.

the insurgents had eight citizen stands which they could roll on to change once per game with the roll being made in their reinforcement phase.

I didn't want the US Rangers getting too overwhelmed so i only diced for one citizen stand change  , this ended up with the insurgents getting :-

2 IED's ( I treated these as indirect off table fire and once used were removed from play )
1 mortar (direct fire only)
1 heavy weapons technical
1 T55
2 normal insurgents stands

There was 1 citizen stand left to change before the Rangers escaped

Table Setup

The Rangers start from their camp at top right and had to rescue the helicopter crew at bottom left

 Turn One
A citizen stand spawns into a mortar stand , fires and suppresses the helicopter crew , the Rangers are sent out to rescue with helicopter support

Turn Two
Rangers advance into town hoping to subdue the Insurgents technical which by the way opportunity fires and consequently there is another downed helicopter through some lucky dice rolls

Turn Three
The Rangers put the foot to the floor and race through town losing a HUMMV in the process , the crew take shelter and disarm the citizens in the building as a group of insurgents fire from across the other side of the road

Turn Four
The Rangers stop outside and proceed with the rescue 

Turn Five
Speeding off down the crowded streets hoping to get out before any more disasters but to no avail as another HUMMV bites the dust , this time the crew are not so lucky

Turn Six
Shock Horror a T55 rounds the corner and takes out another HUMMV but this old tank itself is brewed up by the passing Rangers

Turn Seven
The Rangers finally escaped for the loss of 3 HUMMV's , An AH 64 and 2 Ranger squads , thought the helicopter crew was rescued

 The Insurgents lost a T55 , 2 Insurgents stands  , 1 Mortar and 2 IED stands

I have been using the extra items in the rules over the last few games and have found them very good for solo play in all scales of games and situations , so this i feel will be my goto set of rules for modern engagements, again all played on a 2 foot square table and played in under 2 hours , this time a made up some turn sequence cards which helped tremendously in not forgetting things that should happen in each part of the turn.