Monday, 28 May 2018

Going Green at Lobositz

This is a new little , pun intended 2mm big battles project , i drew the map and printed and then 3d printed and painted some 2mm figures from forward march studios which because i used PLA means that the figures and map are biodegradable , so on to the battle

for the rules i decided on Horse , Foot & Guns at half scale as all 2mm bases that i printed were 20mm in width , i also took some liberties with the setup and decided that the mist cleared earlier allowing Freddy to see the complete Austrian setup from the start , the troops were setup in their historical positions and the amount of bases to try and match the historical frontages , i used a might and reason scenario for the order of battle as a guide


The Prussians had the first turn and proceeded to advance

The Austrians proceed to counter the Prussians moves and consolidate their centre and push forward on their right flank (left of the picture)

The Prussians manoeuvre to try and limit the Austrians advance

The Austrians try to contain the Prussians by being particularly aggressive but some telling long range Prussian artillery fire does a little damage

At the end of the 4th turn the Austrians have lost 15% casualties by some bad dice rolls and trying to rely on their inferior cuirassiers , the Grenz on the hill also don't like getting up close and personal with those Prussian grenadiers , which left the Austrian commander with very little choice but to withdraw.

I do think that the HFG rules did a sterling job in helping me realise the little project into a fun little game and with all the various 3d files available i can see lots of other games in the foreseeable future.