Sunday, 8 April 2018

No pike in this lament

A slightly different game was played using the pikemens lament rules but using the "by fire and sword" army lists for eastern europe for a Swedish cavalry force raiding a polish village , the pols sent a mixture of forces of different types and quality

i modified the shooting and combat stats to reflect the different capabilities of the units and there is a summery of those details at the bottom of this post

so on to the battle
Here is the setup with the Swedish on the right , the objective was to control the belfry on the hill , the vilage and the manor house at the bottom of the picture

the buildings i designed and 3d printed
I took a while before both forces got to this point as everyone kept failing their move orders , it must have been the rain
But the Polish hussars managed to see off the veteran Swedish cavalry while allowing the other Swedish cavalry to take the fight to the enemy in the village and the opposite flank
With the poorer Polish cavalry holding against greater odds , the Hussars gallop to the rescue
But Unfortunately for the Swedish cavalry an attack in the flank by the hussars sealed their fate and a lone cavalry stand is all that stands defending the belfry

on the whole a very enjoyable game with lots of dice chucking for pistols but with little or no effect , even the first charge by the Polish hussars failed to break the Swedish veteran horse but the second charge , the dice failed the Swedish and they rode off into the sunset
Here are my mods for this entertaining period

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