Saturday, 9 June 2018

18091212mm or a 2mm 1:1 refight of the battle of Gefrees , July 1809

This was the second tryout of my 2mm rules designed to fight battled at a 1:1 figure and ground scale , i have called them onetwoonetwo(mm) , this was a small engagement between a conscript french force and a regular Austrian force on the retreat from Wagram

i used google maps to get the lay of the land and what terrain was present , i also change a few of the Austrians as i didn't want all of them in brown as the Austrians were all Grenz at the time

so onto the battle here are two pictures of the battle setup , the inital setup and plan was supplied by a member of the 2mm Facebook Group and i executed his orders

The initial moves for the French were to bring their artillery into range and try to damage the Austrian right flank
the cavalry were to keep the Jaegers at bay and stop them from harassing the French columns

The French started the attack but some of the orders failed to get to their prospective commanders , and the French artillery failed in their dice roll to do any significant damage (the little blue dice represent the number of orders that can be spent by that unit) , on the opposite flank the Austrian Jaegers made a few pot shots at the cavalry forcing the cavalry to pull back out of range

The Austrians fire at the french columns and a half battery of Austrian guns pour canister into the flank of the French column

This resulted in the columns halting and one of them routing , in the ensuing melee the first line breaks as the other two french columns halt soaking the fire to allow a single column to break through the Austrian line and break the first Austrian line

The remaining 2 French columns managed to contact the second Austrian line and break them

Unfortunately the french decided not to pursue the routing Austrians into the woods , as they lacked the support from the rest of the army which would have allowed those troops to rally

The French could have spent more time firing their artillery but this would probably forced the Austrians into the cover of the woods and then to escape , if the Austrians had had some cavalry those french dragoons would have been an easy fight.

I stopped the battle at this point as 40% of the Austrians had broken but with the woods cover on the french right would prove too difficult to clear of enemy jaegers the french decided to let the Austrians withdraw , the french had 2 of their 7 battalions decimated down to raw status so to continue to advance up the road into the rest of the Austrians and Brunswicker's would be a little dangerous for the french.

all the figures were 3d printed from stl files from Forward march studios