Saturday, 2 June 2018

A really small spring adventure

This was a quick playtest of my new 2mm 1:1 game of Eutaw Springs , i have written a set of rules specifically to playing 2mm on a 1:1 ratio and on a 1:1 ground scale  , thinking of a name perhaps OneTwoOneTwo(mm), i picked a small battle of Eutaw Springs and proceeded to play the British and to attack without preparing a full bombardment of the Americans and well very shortly it went 'orrible for the british

as you can see from the setup the British are in 1 line and are rated veteran , the guns average and on their right flank some elite flank coy's , all looks good and the first orders given were for the artillery to start opening up

after 2 moves advancing the british got to this position , it was then that it all went wrong as their commander lucked out on his orders and proceeded to faf about and do nothing allowing the Americans to rally the militia and then fire a devastating volley

Half the British were running away but the British elite did manage to break through on the right flank but it was too little too late

I did find that if you dont plan your attack things donot go as planned and if you sit there and just wait for the enemy to do something that could also go wrong , Lee's legion spent the day fishing in the swamp as Greene was furiously keeping his militia forces together