Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Rommel..... on paper

Having just got the new Rommel rules and pondering on hoe i wanted this to look i had a splash of inspiration , not sure how well the rules will play solo so i have made a board and counter set to see how it all works , will pose a report on how well they work solo later in the week

Had my first "Rommel" game using the scenario from the book
Setup with the Allied Force at the top and the Axis forces at the bottom

I have also made my own ops sheets which combine the early , middle and late sheets into one for all sides. The pictures were taken at the end of a pair of turns. the white disks represent one hit , yellow two hits and red three hits
Since the Axis started the game i took the bull by the horns and did an off road event allowing the germans to do a rapid advance and try to smash and take the right most VP

The British try a counter attack to try and break the german supply route but due to the poorer British armour the germans nearly always got the armour advantage when attacking and nullified any advantage when they were defending

Both sides scored a few hits both the Germans and the British push on with losses about even

Both sides cut each others supply lines in various places

but by the end of turn 8 ( 4 turns for both sides ) the Germans have captured the British supply point and managed to get their supply lines back in some sort of order.

When i first read the rules i did have some concerns as to how they would play solo , i can now confirm that they do play solo very well the only foible is the event item " Intercepted Signals" which i ignored for this game. Also i found that once a plan had been put into action and the forces committed i found that i wanted to continue with this plan and didn't want to reset the ops sheet.

I also decided to end the battle here as i think with the British losing their supply point they would have to withdraw.