Sunday, 6 August 2017

Mulling around Mollwitz

Something different for my next Commands and Colors , a refight of the battle of Mollwitz , in 15mm

i made a custom mat as i wanted hexes at least 60mm across the flats so it was a case of draw and print a template then mark through the paper onto the cloth and lastly use some dots of pva and flock to mark the corners of the hexes which i do say my self turned out rather well as you can see

Setup , Prussians are at the top of the picture

Figures are based on 60 by 40 for cavalry and 60 by 30 for infantry

Will post the battle report when i have fought it

Well that was an interesting battle , the Austrians stole the battle by aggressively attacking the Prussian right

first moves

The Prussians Counter with an attack on the Austrian right but the Austrian cavalry hold and counter attack

But in the end the Austrian hit the Prussians where it counted 
and beat the Prussians with losses of 5 - 3

The Battle started as the original but the Austrian cavalry proved to be better than on the day , this paralysed the Prussians which restricted the Prussian infantry even though the firepower from the infantry did turn some Austrian cavalry back ( also the Prussian cards were not friendly in that they had very few centre cards )

I have altered the matrix for my 7YW table modifiers

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