Sunday, 24 September 2017

Poland...or Bust

This was my 3rd go at Rommel this time I went back to 1939 and a blitzkrieg attack with a German panzer division into Poland , the pols held a strong defensive terrain supported by some artillery and some tanks

The Germans roared onto the table

and did a road order on the first turn

The pols dug in and waited for the onslaught but the germans went around their strong points

And proceeded onto the objectives allowing the german infantry to keep the pol's occupied

A few Pols pulled back to keep their supplies healthy but the germans pushed on

In the end it was just too much and the pols lost the objectives and their supply point

I actually played this game twice , the first had me charge the panzers into the infantry in the woods , this resulted in the german armour being some what dented and having a hard time , so the panzer divisional commander was sacked ( couldn't send him to the eastern front as that had not happened yet ) the replacement commander thought about things and re read the rulebook and came up with a new strategy.

I used my GHQ mini's for this battle which was a nice change as i hadn't got them out in a while. For tipping I used a 1 base in front 2 behind and for normal it was 2 in front 1 behind.

On the whole a very interesting game , i do think the pols may have deployed too far forward but that was where the terrain was so a difficult choice for them.

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