Saturday, 16 September 2017

Rommel... in the back garden

Well not really the back garden but a winter game in '44 so you could say it was modelled on a battle of the bulge engagement

The forces were as follows :-
german 116th panzer (7 units) 3 hv tanks, 3 infantry 1 sp Art all motorised
german 2nd panzer (7 units)  3 hv tanks, 3 infantry 1 sp Art all motorised

US 84th Infantry division (8 units) 7 infantry 1 artillery
US 4th Cavalry (2 unit) 1 infantry 1 lt tank  all motorised
US 3rd Armour (2 unit) 2 med tank all motorised

I thought that the Germans would over run the Americans on the first turn but dug in and defending towns and forests proved quite a tough nut to crack

also this was a dawn attack ,  well the light from the window changed though the day changing the picture i took so it made sense

The germans have 3 objectives to take , the town in the centre is worth 2 points , the others 1 point , the germans open the first move

Table setup

First Turn for both sides

The initial attack stalled but did proceed around the top of the table

The Germans have finally taken the town and pushed the Americans back leaving a few isolated US units to be mopped up over the following turns

I decided to end the battle here as the Americans now had the opportunity to carpet bomb the area if the weather cleared , if it did not the Germans would be all over the Yanks like a rash

Another fun game and defiantly thought provoking for both sides , again the ops were not reset for either side. I am also sitting on the fence as to wether it is better to mass your tanks and go for a open area push of give the infantry support in the bad terrain.I will have to do some bocage boards to see how those work and have penny packets of germans defending that terrain

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