Sunday, 30 October 2016

Conan finds his sword

My Conan kickstarter arrived at the end of the week so I painted up a few miniatures and designed a scenario , Conan had just escaped from slavery and was heading out through the wilderness , he spots a cave from the hillside , thinking it would be better to spend the night under cover he heads across the valley. Conan is spotted by a pack of hyena's who are looking for food , Battle commences.

I created an AI to control the overlord and give me an indication of what might happen
i gave the overlord a 5 resource recovery and 11 gems to match what Conan had

Table Setup

Conan spots the hyena pack lurking in the rocks

Conan dispatches a few hyena's with ease but more head in his direction

Conan explores the cave , Finds a tomb of an unknown warrior , i decided he needed 3 successes to search the for treasure

Conan finds a great sword but the hyena pack begin to assemble close to the cave opening laying in ambush

Conan beats off the last of the hyena's but not before suffering a few wounds  , he has now suffered a total of 5 of his 11 points and barely makes it out alive , the last hyena was particularly aggressive , Conan did manage to escape with the sword.

The Enemy AI

Well i have loads of figures to paint and with the rest of the kickstarter stuff arriving next year i hope i will manage to paint it all in time though i cant say my lead pile has increased as the figures are all plastic.

This turned out to be a good fun solo game and still giving me the player the problems of resource management , i just adjusted the move points to inches , Those Hyena's are fast ! and did give Conan some headaches.