Sunday, 16 October 2016

SNAFU at Huj

Well this was a turn up for the books , i decided to give a WW1 battle a go with my new freshly prepared solo war-game rules , the Battle of Huj was primarily a British cavalry charge but i decided to add a few extra elements to the game , i gave the British an extra machine gun unit  , an aircraft and a tank with some supporting infantry.

for the turks i up rated their morale and made the terrain harder for the British to cross

well it all went very wrong for the British early on as orders were not received , units attacked un supported and at one point looked like a resounding defeat for them. But in true British style the managed to get their act together and take the Turkish positions.

So on with the pictures , figures are all 10mm pendraken

The Turks are dug-in on the ridge in the centre of the picture , the British have assembled their forces behind the right most ridge.. the whistle blows and there off.... Not

Turn 1
Well at least the machine gun helps wake the turks up and one of the cavalry has finished its breakfast
Turn 2
The tank splutters into action puts a heavy foot on the gas and hurtles off towards the enemy
both cavalry units decide to have a second breakfast
Turn 3
With breakfast over the cavalry move off and the tank breaks down
the turks go to see if they can help but the machine guns dissuade them
Turn 4
The tank is still broken down , and the cavalry discuss breakfast , surely they are not hungry still
Turn 5
The tank thinks it had better get a tow home and the cavalry finally get their act together
Turn 6
and here comes Biggles
Turn 7
Charge! well one of the cavalry units did
Turn 8
Everyone decides to sit down and have lunch.. a waste of a turn nothing happened
Turn 9
A little fire from everyone but only slight casualties.. well the turks did find a few more bullets and drove the cavalry off
Turn 10
The Glory charge , the light brigade has nothing on this and biggles goes for some tea just at the wrong moment
Turn 11
The cavalry went straight through and took out a unit if guns supported by some infantry
Turn 12
And oh look we fixed the tank , rode down the turks

Aftermath , a good and fun enjoyable game that had me pulling my hair out at times as the units refused to follow orders.