Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Battle of Front Royal

Front Royal , I fount this little scenario in an old copy of johnny reb and thought well lets see how my rules work for it , I have added parts to the rules for the latter part of the 19th century and have tweeked them as well during this playtest.

So on to the battle

Battle of Front Royal

Table layout and starting positions

Turn 1

The union hold the farm and pull a unit back to start to blow the bridge , the other unit of union advances towards the other bridge
The rebs advance towards the farm

Turn 3

Reinforcements arrive for the rebs , sporadic fire from the farm and the small union unit arrives at the northernmost bridge

Turn 4

Well this is where it went wrong for the rebs , the cavalry just stood there and looked at the enemy refusing to move and took some heavy fire from the union unit right in front of it.
The other unit of union withdraws from the farm

Turn 5

Finally the reb cavalry got it act together and charged , the unit of union routed and suffered some heavy casualties. the other union unit retires across the bridge.

Turn 6
The northern bridge blows , well that is about as good as it got for the union . the rebel tigers shot the union unit in the back making it run , unfortunately I ran out of table as they would be off the table.

so even though the union suffered 50% casualties they did manage to blow one of the bridges

The rules seam to work well and will need some more play-testing for different settings , periods and levels of battle.