Sunday, 28 February 2016

ASL & Spanish Civil War

A Spanish Civil War Scenario
 Decided to give my ideas of using Advanced Squad Leader with miniatures , this time it was a Spanish Civil War Engagement where the Nationalists had to take the town held by an International brigade and some local militia
Using ASL Rules modified for figures

Each infantry stand = 2 counters but act as 1 counter 
1” = 1 Hex

The Nationalist have to secure the town bridge and the river was only crossable by railway bridge or road bridge in town

I put some flavour into the game by not allowing some leaders to effect firepower dice rolls

i decided that some of the the militia units  had elected their leaders so that person would have been charismatic but not that good in combat

Nationalist Forces

8-1 leader (cannot effect firepower)
2 units 3-4-7 Falange volunteers 
2 units 4-4-7 Falange volunteers 

8-1 leader (cannot effect firepower)
4 units 4-4-8 Carlist Requetés

8-1 Leader
Mounted Infantry
4-5-8 Spanish Foreign Legion

Artillery piece Cannone da 65/17: with its own crew


9-2 leader
2 units 4-4-7 (1st line) International Brigades 1 with MMG 1 with light mortar 

8-1 leader (cannot effect firepower)
3 units 3-3-6  Local Militia 

Armoured car with MMG

The buildings were constructed out of card , i found some nice pictures on the net , the roads were made with strips of fine emery paper so no painting needed


The Game
All woods are considered orchards and the cornfields are giving cover , buildings were classed as wooden


The Republicans are holding the town , The Nationalists are advancing from the bottom the picture

Turn 1
The Nationalists advance after their artillery cause damage on the Republican militia

Turn 2
The Advance Continues

Turn 3
The Republicans send out their armoured car to try and take out the enemy artillery which is causing some heartache for the militia

Turn 4
the lucky shot form a direct fired artillery round disposes of the lone armoured car
This seamed to be one of the battles turning points

Turn 5
The advance continues and the Spanish foreign legion cavalry make it to the outskirts of the town after suffering from some irregular militia fire which the cavalry brush off

Turn 6
The cavalry charge and destroy the militia while the rest of the nationalists advance

Turn 7
the militia side of the town has fallen and the independent brigade thinks better of it than defend a losing position , this brigade did do well in turning back the assault by the Falange & Carlist but it was too late

i think the system works well for any size of engagement , especially if you put some flavour in the game. I had looked at other sets before i used ASL
Ii think i will need to redo my Russian Civil War on the same base sizes