Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Vasl Game - Going to Church

A vasl Game - Going to Church

This week i managed to find a guy called Martin who helped me understand the rudiments of using a online program called Vassal which was use to play a game of advanced squad leader with counters online , voice was handled via skype.

years ago i had ASL but sold it due to the fact that this program was not available and had no one to help me with the rules. However i managed to find a second hand copy of the ASL #3 set and bought the 2nd edition paper back rules.

well during the week we chose a scenario , setup the forces and went to it at 1pm on saterday , the game lasted for about 3 hours with 6 turns with with i had to secure the church. The pictures are from what i can remember as i didn't take pictures during the game but suffice to say that on the first turn my mortar ran out of smoke , my dice rolls were appealing when it mattered and were good when it did not , shame i can't throw those dice out the window.

Well here are the pictures showing roughly what happened

Setup ( the river does not exist )

Turn 1
Advance around the church taking cover where possible 

Turn 2
My heavy machine gun helping to keep the germans heads down in the church

Turn 3
the first glorious failed attempt at throwing a demo charge 

Turn 4
Had another go with the demo charge , this time it did go off but only caused a pin result

Turn 5
the engineers followed up the demo charge with a charge of their own

Turn 6
Last turn and i poured everything in in a last ditched stand to take the church

the victory conditions were that there must be no unbroken germans in the church at any pint during the game

Well my mortar proved appealing throughout the game mainly due to my abysmal dice rolls
my other troops faired reasonably well and i felt the game was quite enjoyable especially as this was with an actual opponent who knew the rules very well.

i think the scenarios was a good learning curve as it made me as the attacker try to plan my advances and only to be let down by the dice ( here i go again blaming the dice )

well would i play this again , yes i would and in fact i have another game planned