Saturday, 12 December 2015

Programmed Enemy

I have developed a programmable enemy for my solo games , it should work of any scale and genre

For those who wish to download and try it out , here is a link

Pdf File

The  instructions are that you roll one of each of the colours of d6 for a unit or group of units that would be acting together , the results of which are related by the colour of the box , so for instance if you had a unit of horse archers and there is a formed unit of infantry that it can see close by , You roll the following scores on the various coloured

As an example

white = 4
yellow = 2
green = 6
red = 1
blue = 5
black = 3

this would give the result of the following

white = the unit will continue scouting or looking for an enemy

yellow = 2 depending on what is happening on the battle field and what orders were given to the unit on the previous turn this unit may hold position or retire 

green = 6 if the unit is in range of a target or itself is in range it may either move closer or attack
also the horse archers next orders are to continue the attack unless it's situation changes

red = 1 the unit of horse archers will fire a shot and then retire

blue = 5 the horse archers will fire at short range 

black = 3 unless the horse archers situation changes it will continue with its previous orders