Sunday, 13 December 2015

6mm Modern Skirmish

This is a 1:1 level game using fistful of tows 3 , ground scale (1” to 100M ) 

All figures are 1:285 GHQ


A Russian Recce group is trying to ascertain the strength of the British forces in the area , if the strength is great it will report back and the main Russian advance will be deviated to another area and road network

the British need to kill or capture the Russian command and stop any communication the the Russian HQ

both sides are of good quality

Forces in the Russian Recce are as follows:-

Scout Group
2 x BRDM-2 Scout Group

Tank Group
3 x T-80s with Reactive Armour 

Mech Infantry Group
1 x BMP-2 (2 Squads) 3 x BMP-1 (2 Squads each)

1 x BRDM Command Car 

AT Group
2 x BRDM-3 AT Cars

Engineer Group
2 x MTLBs (2 Engineer Squads each)

Support Group
3 x Ural 375 D Medium Trucks (1 squad + 1 Morter Squad )

The British

1 Challenger I
3 MCV-80 Warriors (1 Squad)
2 Scorpions
1 FV 438 Swingfire
1 FV 432 Mortars

The British do not need to keep in cohesion distance but the Russians do

The British are setup anywhere on the table and the Russians come on down the road from the bottom left of the map and have to exit of the top right of the map

The river is only fordable by amphibious units , the weather is poor with a visibility of 15”

The table size represents an area of 2.4 Km by 2.4 Km

The table layout and a view from the British controlled village

The British setup , Waiting for the Russian advance

The Devastation after Turn 1

Frantic firing from the British caused the loss of the Russian Armour and its BRDM Recce , thought the British did lose their only Challanger and a Warrior to a lucky dice roll.

Some well rolled dice From the British

The Russians Counter attack across the farmland and smoke off the village to try and give some protection but the British manage to use their Scorpions and Swingfire
 to dispose of the BMP's

With the armour out of the way the Russians counterattack with their mech infantry , the infantry survived but the BMP's bought it , Losses on both sides are starting to tell.

The final Position , the British are escaping off the top while the Russians enter the village from the bottom.

A final view from the Russian position

I was thinking that i may have given the Russians too strong a force but in the end with only Russian infantry and a few transport vehicles left they would decide to hold the village but not to advance any further.

The British could have stayed and held on to the village but they would have lost it in the end due to the amount of Russian infantry available.

Battle honours go the Swingfire Team as they repeatedly took out the Russian vehicles and as they managed to save from all the incoming fire from the Russian infantry on turn 3.

I also thought that using a ground scale of 1" to 100M would effect the game and give the longer ranged weapons an advantage but the close terrain negated that.