Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Late 17th to Late 18th century C&CN Mods

Here are my modifications to the Commands & Colors : Napoleonic system for use in the earlier period , i hope it is easy for you all to understand , I am also looking to do a renaissance modified set as well though i am not sure if i will use the Ancient set or the samuri set yet ( i decided on the ancient set ) and i am also going to do a Dark Age / Medieval set which will span the period from 500AD to 1500AD

9YW & WAS & 7YW  ( uses the napoleonic dice set )

Here is my next update , a Renaissance set , it is designed around the Ancients version of Commands & Colors
1500 to 1700  ( uses the Ancient dice set )

AWI & FIW ( uses the napoleonic dice set )

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