Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Benghazi Sunstroke

So it has beed quite warm her in the UK so i thought lets keep the theme and do a bit of WW2 western desert , so grabbed some British and Germans and a scenario from the book "Benghazi Handicap" and set to it. I used Fist Full of Tows which does play very well solo and at half scale due to my small table size.

The initial onslaught of the germans was severely dented after a few turns as you will see


Turn 1 , Germans Advance on mass  , some casualties taken but nothing too bad

Turn 2 , 

Turn 3

Turn 4

Turn 5

A very enjoyable game , the Germans lost a tank battalion and a motor cycle battalion and the British a few casualties but the german 88 could have swung it for them but for the poor dice rolling on the 88's , off to the Russian front for him!! but without the infantry support the germans could not break through