Thursday, 23 March 2017

A nice little foray into Quatre Bras

Had a nice relaxing doay with no-one around to disturb me so i thought i would have a go at some napoleonic's , i have had "Field of Glory" for a little while , so picked a battle and got some troops on the table which was 2 foot square.

i played the game in half scale and denoted the large units having 2 flags and kept all units as 2 stands for infantry and a single stand for cavalry and artillery

Here is the setup for the start of the game , the french are coming in from the bottom of the picture

Battle Time about 2pm ( Turn 3)

Battle Time about 3pm ( Turn 6)

Battle Time about 4pm ( Turn 9)

Battle Time about 5pm ( Turn 12)

Battle Time about 6pm ( Turn 15) 
and where the french were finally worn out

Final dispositions at Turn 16

So what went wrong , well i as the french ( and British ) decided to take the cautious route as Ney did and just wore the french out , and with the British arriving in strength just ran out of steam

As to the rules well i like them and found that the game played out in real time though i did start at 9am and the final roll of the dice was at 3pm so will have to give them another go some time

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