Friday, 5 May 2017

Descent 2e , D&D 4e and the Lash

Well folks i bought the board game descent 2 and have loved playing it with the app so i thought what about a D&D conversion after all i have had a 4e starter-box adventure for years and never even read the booklet so i picked to unlikely characters of a dwarf disciple and a human treasure hunter and proceeded to run though the adventure  , i had not previously read the adventure so just started at the opening encounter and fumbled my character through it

So as i was no able to use the app with this adventure i came up with a few ideas for running the over lord parts.

1. lay out the overlord cards in their respective card values of 0,1,2,3.

2. At the end of the characters turn roll a single grey decent dice , the number of shields displayed would indicate the value of the overlord card to be played ( this would prove to be quite dangerous for the characters at times).

3. Initiative , well i came up with this idea at the beginning of the encounter each character rolls awareness and if there were any failures then the monsters would go first and alternate between the monsters and heroes.

4. I would then set out the monster groups and assign equal values to each group using a black d6 and to this roll i would add a red and white d6  , so when rolled together would give me the which group and the master or minions of that group were activated

So on to the adventure , if there were any challenges that needed a check i used the default ruled of 1 grey and black dice against the relevant attribute on the descent character sheet , a failure would result in a fatigue or wound being taken.

This is how the adventure played out with the heroes only just surviving and i think they would deserve the XP when they completed the task.

On the whole a very enjoyable game that took about 8 hours to complete