Sunday, 19 March 2017

A little place called home

This was a little diversion , i put together a small European early 17th century force from some odds and ends together with a few packs of Zulu's and decided to do some renaissance colonial games , i had intended to use another set of rules from osprey but in the end fell back on my usual field of glory set after i red a couple of reviews.

this was an entertaining setup with the European advancing on a small village looking for plunder only to be met by the local tribal head who was insistent that those heathens find some where else to pillage

and so battle ensued

As you can see those Imperialists came armed to the teeth and the poor tribal lads just had the loin cloth they stood up in.... however from about turn 2 it was not going well , the Zulu's advanced and using their local knowledge got the drop on the imperial general and his bodyguard and sent him packing , just after the artillery made a shot and sent one of the tribal units packing

In the end the tribals had a little bloody nose but had sent the imperials off back to the ship with their tails between their legs

I suppose i had better get some Aztec's to do the other side of the Atlantic now

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