Sunday, 12 February 2017

Latest project 1:600 WW2

I have just started a little new solo project for a linked set of scenarios for the 1944 breakout in normandy and plan to refight a few of the battles from that time

here is the german army in 1/600 , there are about 75 (30mm x 30mm) bases representing a company and its associated equipment.
The next part of the project is some terrain , here you see some woods made form green pan scrubbers with some spray paint from an airbrush i wanted the trees to have a wintery look so gave them a little white spray , the other side has more of a light brown look to give a more summer look.

I used pins pushed through to allow the armoured unit to hide in the trees , to the is side part of a village using some monopoly buildings again sprayed and washed with a brown ink wash
and the cloth is teddybear fur.
Now For a little battle report , 1944 Germans vs Russians

4 mixed German battalions with tank and artillery support defend against a mech infantry regiment , tank regiment with supporting tank riders and an armoured car regiment
The germans are good but not excellent so this was a tough one for both sides
Setup , Russians enter form the bottom of the picture , the battle took a little over 2 hours to fight
Turn 1 , the Russians advanced and took a few hits from long range fire
Turn 2 , a few more hits for the Russians , the germans move to counter the Russians advance
Turn 3 , More Russian Advances
Turn 4 , the Russians loose a unit of tanks and the Germans on the right engage the armoured car and infantry battalion 
Turn 5 , it is not going the germans way as the losses start to mount and the numbers of russians start to show
Turn 6 Disaster for the Germans as the Russians with an overwhelming dice roll push the germans out of the town
Turn 7 the Russians consolidate their position and push forward
Turn 8 , a bit of a counter attack from the Germans but with little momentum
Turn 9 , The Russians are thrown back but are helped with their reserves , the Germans start to crumble
Turn 10 with German morale almost collapsed and 2 destroyed battalions , this was a Russian victory
Aftermath , so what did i learn , well the german combined arms mix worked well but it was the lack of a good mobile hard hitting reserve , effectively the Russians could soak up a lot of casualties and still come back for more

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