Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Rommel at sea or "Doenitz"

I have been modifing Sam Mustafa's set of Rommel rules for naval engagements , here is a setup for The Battle of Tsushima so once i have ironed out the ops mechanic will let you all know the result of the play-test

 Altered the setup slightly and played the game

Here are some photos
The new setup for the battle
Japan went first as i gave them the initiative due to better crew
and they traded some shots with the Russian battleships
Unfortunately the dice went against Japan as 2 battleships went to the bottom
But not to be shaken in their resolve Japan pushed on into the mix of Russian ships
Japans remaining battleships and armoured cruisers fought with the remainder of the slowed Russian force while the swarm or torpedo boats attacked the escaping Russian battleships
With Russia being pounded to a standstill the rest of the Japanese fleet came in to mop up

Well not bad for a home grown set of rules that has no ship logs and allows a fight of this battle in about 2 hours , i might even think of publishing them some time

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