Monday, 1 January 2018

Adventures in plastic

Over Christmas and the new year i played the same battle using a number of different rules namely Iron Tigers which are computer moderated ASL and Fistful of Tows3 to see which i would enjoy the most and the least brain frying using my newly acquired 3d Printed 1/285 3D printed tanks.

Since the plastic ones are mounted on coins the same as the GHQ ones it proved quite difficult to tell them apart which i was really pleased with. I also designed and printed two buildings for my '42 to '43 eastern front project and will push the Russians back to '39 to put them against my Japanese

so on to the the pictures , first the buildings

and now the scenario which had the germans trying to breakthrough some dug-in Russians supported by a few T-34's in a nice winter Christmas battle

Table setup

The Germans advance

A few German casualties but the advance continues
The Right German Flank is stopped but the left flank pushes on
With the right flank dented the germans mass their Stug's for a little bombardment
And push on through the left woods
However the germans lost another unit which brought the germans to a total of 50% losses on their tanks and the Russians just 33% tank loss , this forced a German withdraw

this gme was more a tryout with different sets of rules using the same plan , i did find that i enjoyed "fistful of tows3" the most and with the ability to print what a would like for a game in 3D except for infantry figures which i still have to buy but being that small i can hardly tell the difference between the sides so i base them slightly differently.

My next project is to paint my modern Russians and Insurgents for the wars in the Ukraine and Chechnya , i already have the vehicles 3D printed in 15mm and bought some metal figures for infantry.

1/285 Russian tanks

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