Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Boyne on a summers evening

My Boyne Project

This project started over a year ago and had stalled but this week i managed to finish it off by painting Williams forces , all the figures are 10mm pendraken though mostly from their older range

Now that the forces were finished i pondered on which rules. The rules had to be solo friendly so having a set where there is interaction between players was not what i was looking for so in the end i settled on FOG(R)

Turn 1
Essentially two battles in one , William had to get 20% of his troops over the Boyne for a minor victory

Turn 2
The first onslaught by the Dutch Guard
Turn 3
Impetuous Dutch failed to wait for support
Turn 4
This almost broke Williams army but for some lucky morale throws
Turn 5
James's left flank has started to crumble
The mail Williamite army holds it breath to see if James will push forward and destroy Williams army , But where was James ?
Turn 6
With James's left flank broken his sub commanders try to steady his troops
Turn 7
With Williams Artillery finally telling it toll and James's Left Flank Broken I called an end to the battle , James's army thou beaten still had some fight in it and williams dutch guards just now managing to rally

Another successful game with the Fields of Glory Rules and a very hard scenario for both sides