Friday, 22 June 2018

Turn around at Halmstad

This was a refight in 2mm at about 1:1 scale of the battle of Halmstad using Field of Glory Renaissance rules  the figures or should i say bases were redesign from the forward march studio range with some heavy modifications by me

As it turned out the Danish in the real battle suffered some really heavy casualties however in this refight they kept their cool while the Swedish panicked and fluffed their orders , the ground was not cavalry friendly which played into the Danish pistol cavalry as the Swedish had their impact cavalry in the front rank. The stream i designed and 3d printed.


End of Turn 1 
saw the Swedish advance on both flanks and also some of its centre units with the odd lucky cannon shot from the Danish

End of Turn 2
This is where it started to go wrong for the Swedish as some of their cavalry ( at the bottom of the picture ( failed to charge and allowing the Danish pistol cavalry to stop the charge in its tracks

End of turn 3 with the Danish winning the bottom cavalry melee the rot started as other units decided to join the rout , this was helped by fire from Danish dragoons and infantry, meanwhile at the top of the map the Danish cavalry held on.

End of turn 4
The Danish forces at the bottom of the map continued to destroy the forces in front of them while at the top they are hanging on with grim death

I decided to stop the game here as the Swedish had lost 1/3rd of their forces while the danish 1/6th

Primarily the Swedish lost because of the bad ground and their inability to control the charges when they needed to and this helped the danish as their combined arms of infantry and cavalry pushed back and destroyed the Swedish left flank.

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  1. Hi Rom! Finally I found someone playing the same (rare) battle like me. I am reproducing this battle with papersoldiers. Please have a look
    I use a diceless set of rules

    Let me know What you think. Ciao